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  • Lindi Prinsloo

Dip into pink perfection this Women’s month!

Barbie mania has painted the world pink!

Everywhere you look, you’ll see something related to Barbie. It’s almost impossible to ignore this intense cultural zeitgeist.

As South Africans celebrate Women’s month this August, we at Refine would like to join in the fun, and celebrate it doing it in true Barbiecore style.

Barbiecore, a trend inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, has taken the internet by storm with the announcement of a new Barbie movie (released July 2023). The aesthetic embraces traditionally feminine and “girly” styles, promoting self-expression and body positivity. For many young women, societal beauty standards can lead to stress and anxiety, but Barbiecore creates a sense of playfulness and fun.

In the clinic we also aim to inspire, build self-confidence, and empower women, not just by beautifying or improving the looks on the outside. We are all about women power, sisterhood and women supporting women.

It then also comes as no surprise that Barbiecore has taken salons/clinics by storm.

From her radiant complexion to her timeless beauty, Barbie has had a lasting impact on how young individuals perceive and care for their skin and prioritizing self-care.

This inspired many individuals to try and emulate the Barbie look in their day-to-day life. It most definitely inspired us to go with the Barbie theme in August and we will be even offering a Barbie Glow facial for Women’s month.

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