Email us and complete the required online documentation.


Confirm your Virtual Consultation appointment.


Preparation for your Virtual Consultation on the day.


 Virtual Consultation with your Specialist.



Great skin starts with knowing your skin Type.

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We are hopeful that the pandemic resolves quickly. These are unprecedented times and at Refine Clinic we prioritize the safety of our patients, our staff and our community. Currently we are closed and will remain closed until Lockdown has lifted. But our clients are still our priority and therefore, we are offering Virtual Consultations until a time where we can continue the journey face-to-face.



Email us and complete the required online documentation.

Make contact with us by emailing our Client Engagement Specialist, and she will supply you with the necessary information required to start your personalized Virtual Consultation.​

Your personal, and secure client card will be created once we have received the following:

*Completed personal questionnaire

*Completed medical questionnaire

*Completed consultation / procedure and product questionnaire to understand your goals / expectations – this is the 1st step towards- My Skin Prescription Journey

*Proof of payment 

*Photographs – face and up-close problem areas


Confirm your Virtual Consultation appointment:

Once we have received your information, our Client Engagement Specialist will:

*Send a confirmation of your Virtual Consultation appointment with the specialist of your choice.

*Email you relevant information regarding procedure(s) / condition(s) of interest to read prior to your appointment.

*Please review this information provided so that you can prepare questions you have for your specialist during your Virtual Consultation.


Preparation for your Virtual Consultation

on the day:

*Test your technology before the time.

*Follow the “ZOOM” link received from us beforehand and join your Virtual Consultation meeting as a guest.

*Use a device (laptop/tablet or phone) with a high-resolution camera and microphone so that the information discussed and displayed is of good quality.

*Choose a location that has good lighting (best would be to sit facing a window).

*Please wear a headband or tie your hair away from your face, so that we are able to see your skin clearly.

*Kindly remove your make–up.

*Ensure that your space is distraction-free; this is your time –  and you deserve it.



Confirm your Virtual Consultation appointment:

The actual consultation will be very consistent with our usual comprehensive face-to-face journey. During this first consultation, your concerns, goals and expectations will be discussed in detail.

​Your Specialist will also:

*Review your complete medical history

*Evaluate the part of your face/body that you want treated by means of a detailed evaluation of your submitted photographs, and distinguish your individual skin type.

*Work with you to classify your individual skin concern and classification.

Intensely work with you to educate and inform you about the most suitable treatment options available to you, as well as give you detailed product recommendation and how to use it on your skin care journey.

*Procedures to be done after Lockdown. Inform you of specials and discounts available during Lockdown, with the purchase of online vouchers- you will be able to “bank” your treatments, and save!

​*Discuss the time required for downtime before returning to work or social activities.

​* Assist you, on how to make use of our online shop, with free delivery during Lockdown, and invite you to support our charity of choice during these unprecedented times.

After the virtual consultation a detailed Treatment plan and recommended home care products will be emailed to you.



Or let us recommend one for you

Lindi Prinsloo

  • WhatsApp Video call
  • Zoom

Founder of Refine clinic, with 22 years of experience in the industry, Lindi will be able to give you the best advice regarding your skin care journey.

Laruchka Piek

  • WhatsApp Video call
  • Zoom

Completed her 4 year Aesthetic Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics at Isa Carstens Academy and has 7 years experience

in the industry.

She absolutely loves her job, and when looking at a client, she prefers a holistic approach, understanding the skin health and well-being of the client.

Rolanda Jansen

  • WhatsApp Video call
  • Zoom

With her caring nature she is loved by her clients. With 17 years behind her, 8 years part of the team- she comes with great knowledge and experience. Known for the best “hands” in town!


Carin Stander

  • WhatsApp Video call
  • Zoom

With 12 years in the industry, 2 years experience in an upmarket London Clinic, and 6 years at Refine Clinic, she is lady fully trained on all machines, products and has loads of knowledge-

she can change your skin in a matter of weeks.

With her gentle nature-

you will be in the right hands.


  • WhatsApp Video call
  • Zoom

11 years in the industry, and 4 years part of the refine family. She is a fully trained therapist, that specializes in especially acne treatments.

She can help you - going forward.

You will feel pampered and loved.




What are your top skin concerns?

My Skin Prescription begins with a Q&A discussion of your specific goals and concerns. Through a series of comprehensive questions, responses given provide insight into individual skin types, needs, and deficiencies.


How do you feed your skin?

Your aestheticienne will provide you with nutritional advice as related to your skin.


What's your sunscreen IQ?

Since sunscreen is the #1 best anti-aging product and must be worn every day, you'll receive answers to frequently asked SPF questions.


What do we see in your skin?

The discussion of your skin concerns (and what we can see via ZOOM, WhatsApp Video call) will drive our diagnosis of your skin type.


What's in your cabinet?

Bring your current skin care products to your video appointment for an unbiased evaluation.


What's your skin prescription?

Your Aestheticienne will choose your skin type, provide a treatment plan addressing your skin issues, concerns, and goals, along with product suggestions to reveal healthy, glowing and beautiful skin for a lifetime.



Includes: FREE consultation with one of our highly professional, trained aestheticians of your choice, when you purchase R1000 in skincare products at the time of your appointment.

(Read our return policy).

Time: 30 mins

Location: WhatsApp video call or ZOOM

Available: In English

Schedule an appointment via email.

R300 paid before consultation to reserve appointment, this will be deducted from skin product sales, or “banked” for future treatments.


During the Lockdown period we will be offering numerous online discounts deals.


With the purchase of online discounts or added value vouchers- you will be able to “bank” your treatments, that has been prescribed to you during a virtual skin consultation or previously in- clinic consultations, gives you the opportunity to save on your treatments in the future.


This will be your start to your in-office Skin Treatment Journey.

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