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  • Lindi Prinsloo

Celebrating the Women Who Inspire Us

As a woman-owned company, we celebrate women every day and have since we started Refine Clinic almost 13 years ago.

This month, in celebration of Women’s Day, we would like to honour the women who inspire us, motivate us and encourage us. They’re women who laugh with us and cry with us. They’re women who we would be lost without. One of the greatest privileges of being a skin care therapist is to work with women on a daily basis.

In my 25 years in the industry I have met the most amazing women, that has taught me, inspired me, supported me and has become so much more than clients. They have become my friends and family.

Being a “beauty therapist” and working mostly with female clientele, it has taught me about caring for clients, as we share emotional experiences, having inspiring conversations and trusting relationships. I have learnt of truly making a difference and not just skin deep. These women have brought so much love, care and inspiration back to me.

One of the other greatest blessings at Refine, is to work closely with a team of wonder women. There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t learn something from each other. These women are women in their own rights, mothers, wives and partners. They are motivating, hardworking, fearless, and so genuine. #WomenRule.

The other shout-out to some of the great women in my life would be my son’s teacher! My brain cannot even begin to comprehend teaching a group of 20 six-year-olds but she manages to do it gracefully and with all the love in the world!

To all the special girlfriends in our lives! You are the ones that carry us when times get tough!

All of the maternal figures in my life. They’ve always led by example and guided me with such grace and wisdom. This includes my more mature clientele, that have been there and done that- thank you for sharing your wise thoughts throughout some of your treatments. I love our “chats”!

So, what should we do this Women’s Day?

Well, we are very happy to say that the team will be supporting the #Kalfiefees Women’s morning with Neil Rademan.

“Is ons dames nie bevoorreg om in so ‘n pragtige omgewing te bly met ‘n wonderlike netwerk en gevoel van “community” nie? Ons hoop om julle by die oggend raak te loop. Altyd lekker om mooi aan te trek en ‘n oggend saam met vriendinne te vier.”

We recommend spending time together with the women in your lives. Research shows that women, [possibly] more than men, need to maintain friendship connections. It increases serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormones.

Women reap health benefits from friendships, and maintaining those female bonds become even more important as we grow older. It makes us feel nurtured and validated to hang out with friends.

And let’s face it, as women - we do like being nurtured. We experience that in our clinic daily. Nurturing or beautification can empower women.

Many a times we have heard from female clients that they believe beautifying their appearance, makes them feel empowered, strong, and independent. It’s not just vanity- women feel better if they look better and that’s a fact. How do you feel after a beautiful new haircut or a special Refine facial treatment?

If you look at our image with this article, we managed to fit in a quick photoshoot for our August focus- SKIN HYDRATION- and even though it was work- it was so much fun spending the time with the girls - laughing and connecting. (A reminder to follow us on social media for all your skin hydration needs this August.)

Hierdie maand wil ons dan alle aspekte van vrouwees vier, en wil ons hulde bring aan vroue, ongeag hul klas of ras, wat ongesiens dag na dag hul taak onvermoeid vervul.

Dit is belangrik om getrou aan jouself te wees en jou sê te sê.

Ontdek jou innerlike krag en jaag jou droom na. Neem ook tyd vir jouself en bederf jouself soms. Want jy, vrou, verdien dit!

Each women should understand their importance and should have the courage to build in their efforts for their own progress.

Women power is incredible and cannot be expressed enough.

Happy Women’s Day to all you courageous and incredible women. Your presence is inexpressible in few words and so are your deeds. Each one of you has the perfect special role that you are playing in many lives. Without women the world and our lives are incomplete. Thank you to each special women that crosses my path on a daily basis, and for bringing a something special of yourself! May you be blessed.

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