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"How to cure tired mom skin - Yes, it's a thing!"

Lately, Facebook’s handy memories feature is reminding me of a lot of things I’d long forgotten. For one, I apparently didn’t have a care in the world in the summer of 2007—on any given day of that season, I seemed to be at a bonfire on the beach with the 20-some-odd’s. Life is a different kind of fun now that I’m a married mother with small children, which brings me to another revelation courtesy of these vintage photos; my skin used to be considerably . . . brighter, fresher and more alive… Peering at my online memories at close range, I find myself marvelling that my eyes in particular used to look not just, okay, younger, but twinklier. Clearly, these were not just the golden years for my social life, but also for my skin.

In the years since, I’ve come to suffer from a condition I call “Tired Mom Skin”. Symptoms include but are not limited to, dark circles due to lack of sleep, the sudden appearance of fine lines and creases, and an overall dullness and dryness of complexion, as the one-two punch of careers and children don’t leave a ton of time for exfoliating, hydrating and skin care in general. “Tired Mom Skin” is a look that screams, “I haven't slept past 6:30 a.m. in almost five years,” and, “What is a facial again?”

We're not here to remind you how tired you are. We're here, with a doctor, skincare and beauty experts (many of them also moms), to share some of the best skincare and wellness hacks to help you not look as tired as you actually are and sneak in a tiny bit of super-efficient self-care on a regular basis.

MOM's Ultimate Treatment

Survival Guide:

Quick feel good treatments:

Lunch time treatments are the way to go for busy moms. A treatment that has the best impact in the shortest space of time. Try a chemical peel to improve skin texture, breakouts and to rejuvenate dull and dry complexions. Have a “bigger” laser treatment once a year such as an IPL and Fractionated Laser that can counteract unwanted sun damage and prevent and cure lines and wrinkles.

Quick fix treatment - try injectables

One of the biggest complaints of new moms is fine lines and wrinkles and dry skin. But with the help of neurotoxins like BOTOX® and Dysport®, they can be relatively easy to treat. Dermal filler can add volume to under eye hollows and improve dark circles.

Profhilo® is the new anti-ageing beauty jab that can transform tired skin. This new injectable moisturizer improves skin tone and structure, hydration and overall radiance. The slow release of hyaluronic acid results in natural bio-remodelling of the skin and can last up to six months. Preferred two treatments two months apart. Speak to Dr. Annemari Louw, our partner in Wellness and Aesthetics for a detailed consultation.

Look into body treatments:

Having babies can take its toll on your body but there are minimally invasive treatments to help you firm up fast. Hifu is the newest technology to improve saggy skin. Areas such as tummy, upper arms, and thighs can be treated as well as the face. This, in combination packages with Lipolytic injections, as well as Radiofrequency and Carboxytherapy can give a complete body mommy make-over! The latest fibroblast treatment can tighten tummy’s and improve stretch marks in only one session. Winter is the best time to do body treatments and get you beach body ready!

Lasting make-up for busy moms:

Why not consider permanent make-up? No need to waste time applying eyeliner and lipstick. You could always look fresh and made up! Leanne Steinmann has been part of our team for the past 11 years and is probably one of the best in her field.

Get your glow from the inside out- IV drip for tired moms

IV therapy could be the next best thing to coffee for tired moms. IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of vitamins to your system that is aimed at improving your health and giving you a boost of energy. One of the favourites is the Glow Drip with added benefits for skin improvement.

Revive your hair care:

A good haircut, colour or treatment can make you feel like a million dollars! The latest trend is a four minute hair treatment that saves time and can have your "locks" revived and shiny. We are fortunate to have an in-house hairdresser, Janene. Why not have two or three treatments done together, to save you time? (we’ve done this before…)

At Refine Clinic, we understand moms and busy schedules. We know what you need and how we can make it happen. It has been an honour to celebrate the mothers around us this month. We salute you for the love and care that you put into your family, community, and the people you care about. We wish you some well-deserved selfcare, and hope that we can help looking after yourself.

The best survival for any mom is

re-connecting with your friends and

looking after yourself!

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